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Case Study: Handmade Menus for No. 19 at Close House

Each month we will focus on one of our final products that we have created for our clients. In April we are focusing on No. 19 at Close House and our menu redesign project.

The Challenge

The current menus focused on a red and black colour scheme, which served their purpose but had started to look dated. There was a further case for refreshing the menus as the restaurant had been redecorated and launched in the second week of January with a neutral colour scheme of soft beige, browns and duck egg blue accents.

The Solution

No. 19 at Close House isn't the only menu we have produced, ask about our range of bespoke projects!

No. 19 at Close House isn’t the only menu we have produced, ask about our range of bespoke projects!

Rebecca Blackith, Food and Beverage Manager, asked us to come up with some menu designs and once I visited the restaurant, I knew that a soft touch laminate menu would be perfect for No.19 at Close House.

Following on from my visit I decided to colour match the menus, with the text done in foil which matched the duck egg lamp shades which adorned the restaurant walls.

In less than 24 hours, we had a mocked up sample to give to our client and we were soon given the go ahead on this project.

The Result

Our full client support process has ensured that the client now has bespoke hand crafted menus which suit their refreshed brand and maintain a high quality, for their heavy use.

Rebecca said: “Close House management are very keen to have everything be nothing less than perfect, so we are over the moon with our final menus.

“They look immaculate, fit perfectly with our colour scheme, are easily cleaned and are incredibly tasteful.

“Our range is now totally bespoke, so we have no limits on what we can achieve – I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Northern Print Solutions, give them a call – Beth was amazing!”

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