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#VOTE PRINT Case Study – Children’s Heart Unit Fund (CHUF)

To continue on with our recent theme of how VOTE PRINT can help charities, we’re going to take a closer look at one of the incredible organisations that Northern Print Solutions has been lucky enough to work with over the past two years – the Children’s Heart Unit Fund, or CHUF as it has become affectionately known.

Based in Jesmond, Newcastle, CHUF was founded as a means to raise money to fund personnel, research and the purchase of equipment for the children’s heart unit at the Freeman Hospital. What has followed has been over 35 years of inspirational work that has helped to solidify the Freeman’s position as one of the UK’s premium providers of children’s cardiac care. The research that has been carried out and delivered as a direct result of this incredible journey has gone onto help children, and adults, all over the world.

CHUF has achieved this success by cultivating itself as a growing family of dedicated and passionate volunteers, of all ages, that give their time to an impressive number of annual events and fundraising opportunities – one of the most notable of these events being the annual sponsored toddle. In addition, the volunteers help to run and organise a shop selling gifts and refreshments situated outside the children’s heart unit at the Freeman hospital itself.

With all of this fantastic work, comes a fantastic reputation that has helped them to garner an impressive selection of patrons that includes the ever popular and present Ant and Dec, Geordie football legend Alan Shearer and the co-founder of Sage Group PLC, (famed for the Sage accounting software), Graham Wylie. It’s at Graham’s Close House complex in Northumberland that the annual CHUF Sponsored Toddle is hosted.

Obviously, one of the benefits of having illustrious patrons such as these is the ability to help spread the important message and needs of CHUF to a wider audience. It’s that ever-important effect of ‘reaching people’ that we wanted to help them achieve by providing them with high quality, professional looking print.

When we started working with CHUF they had very little in the way of printed material, but they knew that’s what they needed to help display the charity in a professional, passionate and competent light. We worked closely with the charity to create beautiful folders, flyers, banners, flags, stickers and any other printed item that the team might need to support them with their fundraising.

As we’ve worked together, like ourselves, CHUF has grown and taken on more fabulously passionate members, and we are incredibly proud to play even a small role in their journey and to continue to support Sam, Val, Suzanne and Chris in their tireless and admirable quest fundraising for the Children’s Heart Unit.

If you would like to help CHUF they are always looking for volunteers to help with their events, or even better why not organise your own?
If you’re a business owner why not adopt CHUF as your ‘charity of the year’, or perhaps install CHUF collection tins in your premises?

Or, if you just simply want to make a donation, you can do so by texting CHUF followed by £1, £2, £5 or £10 to 70070.

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