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Yep… we went running again. But this time there was paint.

Well, paint powder. On the 15th July, the Northern Print Solutions team headed back up to Newcastle Racecourse for yet another running themed fundraiser event. This time, things got a little more colourful!

If you don’t know already, we’re raising money for Cash for Kids – a network of 22 charities spread across the UK. Their mission is to “respond to the needs of children in our communities, and we aspire to enable all children to live life to the fullest and achieve their individual potential.”

Last month, we took part in the Inflatable 5K as one of our first fundraising events of the year. We’re aiming to raise £2,000 overall by the close of 2019, and so far we’re racing towards our target with an incredible £410.00 raised to date!

You can sponsor us by heading over to our JustGiving page, where information for events and donations is freely available. Go on, give us a push…

So… the Colour Obstacle Rush. What was it like?

As you can see from the photos – it got messy. Not only was there coloured powder flying everywhere, but the organisers took it upon themselves to introduce bubbles into the mix. Because you know; mud plus paint is your washing machine’s favourite stain combo.Craig, Natalie, Steve, Alex C, Allyson, Diane, Alex L, and Sue clambered over semi-deflated inflatables, crawled through pits of a suspiciously yellow powder, and even got to spend some time bouncing around on too-small space hoppers. You always forget how little they are when your knees lock up halfway through a well-intentioned hop…We did well, and spirits were high. Well, except for Steve, who lost his pocket watch amidst all the chaos. Better luck next time, Steve.

How can I get involved?

And on that note… next time! We haven’t planned our next event yet, but if you want to retroactively sponsor the Colour Obstacle Rush you can head over to our JustGiving page and donate there. It’s a lot easier than running the course yourself, we promise.

In all seriousness, Cash for Kids is a charity that’s doing fantastic things in our local region, and we want to support their cause as best we can. If you have any ideas for sponsored events we could take part in, please get in touch with a member of the team using our contact form. We’d be delighted to have a chat with you.

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