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5 Reasons Why it’s Good for Your Business to be Involved in Charity

For everyone at Northern Print Solutions there is no greater way of communicating an important message than via the medium of printed word and images – and what could be a more important message than that of a charity?

Some of the most famous printed images known today have in fact been published to bring awareness to the subjects of ‘how people can help’. Whether it’s the enduring images of allotments and vegetables used for the World War 2 campaign, Dig For Victory, or the more harrowing images that we see used in the posters for Amnesty International to help raise awareness of human rights issues around the world, print has been there to help communicate these oh-so important messages.

It’s with the continued theme of charity that we’re going to have a look at five reasons why we think it’s not only good, but very important for any business to be involved with a charity:

1. The Feel Good Factor
Nothing brings the best out of a team than working together on a project that is doing good. The experience of working successfully as a group to plan a charitable event brings a collective sense of wellbeing that can only lend itself to creating a buoyant team spirit, and sense of collective pride. Scientific studies have continuously shown that doing good for others is good for the health and for the soul – this can also be said of your company itself.

2. Better Society Means Better Business
It is true to say, if everybody was to take greater responsibility for the world that they lived in, then the world around them would become a better place to love. This is also true of business. If the situation of the community and the people around you is improving, then so is the situation of your business. Why not help that happen?

3. A Great Business Identity
Put simply, how the public sees your business is how they form an opinion on how they feel about your business, and whether or not they actually employ your services. What better way to present who you are and to communicate the confidence that people should have in your company, than to let them see how passionate you are about helping people and giving something back to the community?

4. Inter-Company Relationships
It is continuously shown in analysis that companies with strong inter-personnel trust have better methods of information sharing and recognition of mutual benefits, which leads to healthier professional outcomes for both parties. What better way to form a stronger bond with the companies that you work with on a day-to-day basis, and their employees, than to work collectively to help raise money for charity?

5. Employing and Employee Retention
People as a whole have become far more aware of, and responsible for, the needs of the world around them and this is especially apparent when looking at the statistics for the new generation of employees. In a recent study by Deloitte it was shown that the vast majority (62%) would want to work for a company who offered opportunities and programs to volunteer for charitable work, with a similar number saying in another study, carried out by Achieve, that it would directly influence their choice.


We’re very proud of the relationships that we have with charities such as CHUF, Cash for Kids and the Evening Chronicle’s Sunshine Fund to name a few, so as part of our VOTE PRINT campaign we have introduced a cash back scheme to help any registered charity join them in becoming a MP (Member of Print) and receive all of the benefits VOTE PRINT offers.

To find out more, VOTE PRINT now by filling in the online form on our site, by emailing us directly at vote@northernprintsolutions.co.uk or by calling 0191 411 1698.

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