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May 20th: Warm Up Event for ‘Show Your Mussel’ at Wallsend Town Hall

It’s always a major thing for us to share with you what we do and how we do can change the way your business grows and markets themselves.

In June we will be participating in the Show Your Mussel Workshops, starting June 4th (more information coming soon), but before then there is a pre-event warm up which we will be attending to offer guidance about how to promote your business most effectively.

The event takes place on Wednesday 20th May at Wallsend Town Hall, from 3-5pm. The beautifully restored Wallsend Town Hall includes amazing architecture and a huge seminar room, perfect for this warm up event in the run-up to the Show Your Mussel workshops, beginning in June.

At the May 20th event, you will be welcomed with an introduction into the event and what to expect, as well as tea and coffee, then we want to share with you our advice for marketing, design and print!

As a proud sponsor of Show Your Mussel, our seminar will be all about ‘pimping your print’, hey, that’s how we roll! The seminar will include lovely Beth explaining and introducing you into the cool techniques of duplexing, triplexing and edge printing.

Not only that, but there is the opportunity to get involved in a fun demo – which every attendee can get stuck into!

Want to attend the warm up event? Register your attendance now via the official Mussel Club website.

Don’t forget to share this invite with your networks!

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