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Northern Print Solutions: The Right Solutions for Your Printing Needs, Introducing TPS

Now then, where to begin? We started Northern Print Solutions back in 2011 with a humble abode – a garage, no less. Since then, we’ve grown into a much fancier building and have a team of 20…

We could, quite easily, use this as a huge sales pitch, but hopefully you’ll recognise that we’re not that kind of print company.

The whole story of our growth, expansion and innovation is on the about page, so we won’t repeat what we’ve already said.

Instead, let’s develop what is hopefully common knowledge.

Northern Print Solutions is client centric, brand driven and provides a bespoke service – we’re a personable company with personable people, if you will.

However, we also listen to you and realise that sometimes, that just isn’t right for your print job.

Two Birds, One Stone

We have two birds now, or babies, but there are actual birds involved, so that makes more sense.

Having witnessed first hand the way some clients need a job pushed out so fast it makes no sense to offer our much loved personable, bespoke service 24/7 – let’s face it we need our ZZZs so we came up with a  second solution.

Trade Print Solutions is a subsidiary of ours and offers a very functional process of getting your print job completed. If your artwork is set up and you’re confident with your designs, then you can get it printed with 24/7 accessibility.

It’s a cost effective solution, so that we can get our beauty sleep in the hopes of looking as attractive as our very own Mr James P, while you get your print job completed.

There is not account, or personal interaction – although we do have sales support via email – but it’s a cash up front, online only option for when you need things turning around super-duper fast.

Also, there are birds on the website. Did we mention that?

We’re an open book (that is printed to perfection, obviously)

We don’t want to “hide” Trade Print Solutions from you, we accept that not all jobs require our personal service, which is why we’re making you aware of our new for 2015 option.

Trade Print Solutions offers the customer:

  • A cost effective service, with care still taken in the print process
  • A quick and easy option for those with artwork ready for print
  • A user lead and impersonal, but functional, service
  • A process that supplies, rather than serves you – like NPS!

We are still very much being a little crazy and always smiling at Northern Print and Trade Print Solutions is most definitely not replacing us.

However, with shifts in client requirements we wanted to offer the best fit solutions for all of your printing needs.

There might be two birds – NPS and TPS – but ultimately the only goal is to get something printed and now there are two ways of getting it done professionally – bonus!

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