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Promotional printing must-haves for trade shows

It's summer, and you know what that means! Trade shows all across the UK are springing up, with businesses readying themselves to promote their goods and services using the best in printed marketing materials.

It can be tricky to catch the eye of a potential customer at a trade show or exhibition, particularly in the heat after a long day. Boring print is going to be looked over. You really need to shout about what it is you do, or people simply won’t pay attention. So, we’ve put together our promotional printing must-haves for trade shows. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we can accommodate pretty much any bespoke project and love a challenge.

Banner Stands

We’re quite big fans of the humble banner stand. They’re easy to carry around and even easier to set up – all you need to do is pull the banner out of its stand, adjust the pole to its correct height, and snap the banner onto the pole.

Plus, our 2.3 x 3M fabric banner stand comes with an aluminium frame and carry bag to make getting to and from your pitch that little bit simpler.

Banner stands are designed to be difficult to miss. They’re taller than most people, and your message is typically printed at eye-height, demanding to be read. They offer a simple rectangular canvas for design, too, meaning you can only include the most important bits of your message.

We believe that the limitations of space can actually lead to some really innovative work. If you’re interested, just speak to a member of our creative team and we’ll work with you to design a pop-up banner stand that will get you noticed.

Want to know which type of banner will work best for your pitch? Read more here…

A5 Flyers

Flyers for events are some of the most circulated printed marketing materials out there. But how can you make them stand out? Most flyers end up in the bin, right?

Wrong. Choose your flyer size, design, and message appropriately, and your flyers could very well be one of your most successful promotional print marketing choices. We recommend our Deluxe A5 Flyers for trade shows because they’re cost-effective, as well as small enough to be folded and tucked into a pocket or file.

Include only the most important information on your A5 flyer. Chances are the recipient will have spoken to you before picking it up, so only include answers to the most common questions – the “who?”, “what?”, “where?”, and “when?”.

Stick to the point, and make sure that contact information is clearly visible. If the recipient wants more, they’ll ask.

Business Cards

With our professionally printed Matt Laminated Business Cards, your first impression is a lasting one.

In the past, business cards were more like calling cards, reserved for visits between the elite and the wealthy. They were handed out selectively in order to maintain a close-knit network of contacts, and decorated in ornate gold and fancy typefaces to show individualism.

Although formal ‘calling card etiquette’ is no longer in practice, we still think a few, well-made business cards handed out to a small network of carefully selected contacts is worth a lot more than a cheap stack, flung haphazardly into the wind at any event you get the chance to attend.

Freebies and Promotional Products

A great way to grab attention and keep it – whilst creating a positive association between your brand and the recipient – is by offering branded freebies and promotional products.

We’re known for thinking outside of the box, so we want to encourage you to step away from notebooks, mouse pads, and those star-shaped highlighters with the lids that fall off after one use.

Instead, look for higher-value promotion items that are both functional and yet obviously an advert for your brand. Tote bags are a fantastic way to get creative, come up with a seasonal slogan, and incorporate the name of the trade show or networking event.

Phone chargers, adapters, and headphone splitters in interesting shapes and colours are all super useful, quirky choices that will attract people to your pitch, and who knows? They might even be interested in what you have to say.

We’re a big fan of getting creative and pushing the limits of your brand when it comes to networking events and trade shows. With our excellent knowledge and outstanding creativity, we can make sure the print at any of your events will ensure you shine!

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