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Shiny New Website

If you’re a new or old visitor, we hope you love our website, as it’s just become new and shiny!

With a rapid expansion and continuing plans for future growth, it only seemed right that we breathed fresh air into our existing website.

Our brand has stayed the same, but we wanted to make our website a little more “us”.We hope that you enjoy finding your way around our snazzy website and that this only adds to what is a great experience of Northern Print Solutions and all that we do.

The new website includes a team page, which we particularly love as it highlights all that is genius, crazy and super about our lovely team. For you, we have our services and information about samples and delivery all available, with options to contact us on any of these subjects.

Additionally, we have our news section, which will use to keep you updated on all that is going on at Northern Print Solutions. Our Kibblesworth office is always buzzing with activity, so whether it’s new staff, an event or a new service offering, we promise to keep you “in the loop”.

Then there is our “walk down memory lane” on our About page and a fresh look back at the Northern Print Solutions story so far. It’s a huge “must do” on our website to check out Craig and Neil’s story so far with our company and the current position we happily find ourselves in.

So we haven’t got a new look, but our website has and if you love it, find us on social media and we’ll chit chat until the sun goes down (if our busy schedules let us enjoy some social time)!

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about us, please contact us on (0191) 411 1698 or email Now, I think it’s time you put the kettle on and enjoy our brand new website as much as we do…!

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