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7 Tips to Create Banner Stands Which Attract Attention

Banner stands come in a range of sizes, colours and styles, with so many design – as well as functionality – elements to consider, we thought it best to come up with 7 simple tips for you!

The majority of these tips can be transferred across pop up, roll up and pull out banner stands, so there is no need to worry about that, as we are talking about specific design elements.

Whether you choose to follow them is completely up to you, but they are very generic, but worthwhile, suggestions based on our many years in the print and design industry.

Although some of our customers are accustomed to producing great artwork as they are designers themselves, some might need some guidance as to what to ask for when they approach us or their own design agency.

With this in mind, here are our:

7 Tips to Create Banner Stands Which Attract Attention!

  1. Have one message

As all pieces of content should have one end-goal, banner stands should come with one, concise message. Whether it is advertising your company, a product, single service or particular event, you should only be focusing on one. Save further details for flyers, brochures or for sales representatives to explain.

  1. Think BIG!

Everything about your banner stand should be big (realistically speaking). Your text and images should be big and you shouldn’t be missing opportunities for sales by producing small text that cannot be seen from a reasonable distance.

If there is a graphic element to your banner stand – of your product or service in action –make it a clear point of focus for your audience.

  1. Be minimal

Keep details to a minimum and only give away the key message, graphics, company logo and our contact / website details on your banner stand. Intrigue people with your key message (see #1) and they will ask your sales rep for more information or find it in your flyer.

  1. Embrace colour

Don’t be afraid to use colour on your banner stand, but pay close attention to your brand guidelines and make your banner stand look uniform with the rest of your promotional and marketing materials, rather than bright and stand-out, but unrecognisable.

  1. Graphics should look professional

If you don’t have some product or team photography, or a professional logo, fort that matter, invest in a photographer. All banner stands should improve your company reputation and increase the likelihood for new customers, rather than turn people away by badly-shot photography or a poor design.

  1. Positioning: left to right

All of your customers are most likely accustomed to reading left-right and top-bottom, so bare that in mind when your banner stand is being designed. What is a viewer likely to see first and how will they read your messaging? Typically, a logo is at the top and your photography and key message fit in the middle somewhere.

Always consider the dimensions of your banner stand and which information may be missed by being at the bottom of your stand – never place any information too far down the stand.

  1. Add contact details

Always give the user a clear message (se #1) but then give them an end-goal too. You want them to attend your event? How can they sign up? Your company wants to increase sales and you’ve given a strong message but how do they buy from you?

Contact details are crucial to closing that deal for the first step in your customer’s journey!



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