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Letterpress Trend: What You Need To Know

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Like fashion, some things become popular long after they are developed or launched and in the printing industry, letterpress printing is riding high right now…

In the mid-15th century, letterpress printing was the normal way of printing text and remained so right through until the 19th century. It was actually still being used as a common form of printing books until the second half of the 20th century.

The invention by Johannes Gutenberg has remained pretty much the same, with the exception of industrialisation and relies on a worker composing and locking movable type into the bed of a press, inking it and pressing paper against it to transfer the ink from the type, leaving an impression on the paper.

In the later 20th century, offset printing was developed and largely took over in the printing of books and newspapers.

Offset printing is the most common technique in use today, where the inked image is transferred – or offset – from a plate to a rubber surface, then to the printing surface. This is the method often used in combination with lithographic process and is how a lot of mass produced documents are printed in 2015.

As lithographic and digital printing is so commonplace today, we see little demand for letterpress printing, yet bizarrely we receive a lot of requests for the results that it produces.

In 2015, we have increasing knowledge, techniques and modern equipment to develop upon the initial letterpress printing process.

Many developments have gone into making letterpress printing a niche skill, with a revival in interest in the art form in recent years.

Whilst we no longer print the traditional way, we have developed processes that create the effects that this printing technique produces. A blend of old school style and new age technology and know-how!

Northern Print Solutions have the capabilities to produce handmade products for your printing, whether its business cards or otherwise, they can be:

  • Any colour
  • With any depth of impression
  • A variety of card thicknesses

Letterpress printing is a traditional form of ink application, in fact it is the oldest form. Today, it is in fashion, just like bell bottoms, A line skirts and flares once were (shudder).

Make the most of this beautiful, bespoke trend which can make a lasting impression on your audience, by speaking to Northern Print Solutions about our samples and product range.

Not many understand the processes that can be implemented in a letterpress printing project but we’re ahead of the game, so if you’ve got an idea we challenge you to throw it our way!

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