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Print Design Trends 2018

We're just over two months away from the end of 2018… let that sink in.

Yeah. It’s gone quickly, hasn’t it? Here at NPS, we’ve been feeling the pressure just like everyone else. It’s only natural to want to improve and grow as a business, whether this be in a financial sense, an interpersonal one, or with regards to a specific discipline.

Because we’re a print company that offers internal design services, we know it’s important to stay on top of recent trends in both the digital and physical print design spheres.

Over the course of the year, we’ve collated a fairly comprehensive list of design trends that we’ve seen crop up again and again. Print artwork is often very specific to the client, especially if it’s for a brand relaunch or repositioning proposal. So, we’ve decided to pick out the main trends we’ve seen pop up in print artwork this year.

Abstract Geometry

Abstract (and especially angular) shapes are becoming far more common in modern design. Why is this, you ask? Well, geometric abstraction in design can be traced back to prehistoric and early modern art. It’s extremely prevalent in Islamic architecture and artistry – especially that of the 7th-20th Centuries – as the culture forbade depictions of religious figures.

These days, geometry’s ability to communicate emotions and feelings in an abstract and intrinsic way makes it a versatile option for print design; especially in projects associated with music like music posters, festival posters, and modern-looking brand launches.

Hand-drawn Illustrations

In an age where digital logo design and stock imagery is becoming the norm, it may seem like we’ve lost the age-old art of traditional illustration, where individuality was praised over perfection and file compatibility.

Do we sound old-fogey-ish? Maybe, but to our delight, there’s been a recent rise in the number of designers choosing custom illustrations over stock photos and basic four by four icons.

Although it’s objectively more work for a designer to slave over their own original artwork than to simply load up Adobe stock photos, the result is something that customers will remember as unique to the brand in question.

Have you seen the work of one of our clients Lines Behind, his hand-drawn illustrations make fantastic gifts!

Full-Colour Gradients

Flat design is a huge trend that’s arisen in recent years, and full-colour gradients (or “colour transitions”, as we’re more frequently seeing them called) are making waves as its complementary cousin.

Instagram kick-started this movement when it changed its famous blue logo to a pink and yellow gradient one in 2016. In print design, modern designs can be taken up a notch by utilising clever colour transitions where previously designers were using block colours.

Creative and Hand-Drawn Typography

Typography has had a makeover this year. As the internet continues to go crazy over 15-second ‘oh-so-satisfying’ videos of calligraphers creating word art with anything from traditional Chinese brushes to the humble biro, it’s only natural that the public’s interest in well-designed typography is growing.

This year, we’ve seen a huge rise in the diversity of typography being used in both digital and print design. Ad typography, in particular, has become an extremely diverse discipline, with imaginative illustration skills becoming ever more important in winning over new clients.

By utilising creative typography as part of your print project, you’re able to increase brand recognition and make everything you print more visually appealing. Nobody’s going to remember a black and white flyer covered in copy designed in Arial. Get creative!

Digital print from Northern Print Solutions

We recently expanded our printing capabilities to include wide format printing – further expanding the services we are able to provide to all our clients. Plus, we’ve got a fantastic in-house design team who are capable of taking your print artwork the extra mile – whether you want to go uber modern or keep it classic.

Get in touch with a member of our friendly customer service team today for more information.

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