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Covid 19:

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Providing clear safety guidance to your customers.

It’s a busy time for any business looking to reopen in the forthcoming weeks.  Risk assessments, new store or office layouts, traffic flow, PPE and the safety of customers and staff have been playing on the minds of everyone. However, for new operational measures to be effective, they also need to be explained so that everyone understands what they need to do help keep themselves safe.

So what is the best way of doing this? Our communications team have pulled together a list of their top tips to help:

Use the power of social. Communicate COVID polices and provide reassurance to customers via social media.  Let them know that their safety is a priority.

Have a reference point.  Your business website can be used to list,  in detail,  the measures taken to create a COVID secure environment for store staff and customers.  The website can be used as a reference point in any of your  communications so that customers or staff know where to find further information.

Inform before entry.    Display clear notices outside the business using banners or window stickers informing visiting customers of the new social distancing measures.  Use your own business branding if you can.  A familiar  feel to the message will help to encourage customers to return.

Remind, remind, remind.  It is important to remind customers and staff once in the workplace about the safety measures.  We are living in a new world after all, and old habits die hard!  Directional floor stickers, posters and counter top signs in high visibility areas will all help.

Diffuse negativity quickly.   Staff must be confident in dealing with any negativity about the business reopening. It is a worrying time for many, and complaints must be taken seriously.

Keep social discord offline:  If a complaint is made online about how the businesses operates,  it is best to direct message the individual concerned instead of answering them online.  A simple “We are sorry to hear your concerns, we have sent you a message to have a chat about them” will suffice.

Listen, learn and act:  Finally as we all adapt to new ways of working, businesses need to listen to feedback from staff and customers, use it as a chance to learn and  improve on any measures in place.

Need help with your covid-19 communications? Visit our Covid Essentials Shop  , call us on 0191 411 1698 or email info@northernprintsolutions.co.uk.   Our team will be happy to help!

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