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Kenton School

We were asked by Kenton School to produce a set of vinyl for the walls of the Maths and Science departments, as part of an initiative to make the school's displays more informative and beneficial to students.

School displays are often a point of contention at all levels of education. Are they the responsibility of the class teacher or the teaching assistant? Should they be fixed displays, or would students benefit more from ‘working walls’ where display content changes constantly and children are encouraged to contribute?

Kenton School features a mix of fixed and working wall displays. With the addition of our eye-catching vinyl, you can see that students will benefit from a wealth of information displayed around the corridors. Place association is a common revision tactic, which students at Kenton School may subconsciously find themselves using.

Need to know the formula for the area of a circle? Visualise it on the wall near the Maths classroom. Forgotten what an Alkane is? Imagine walking up the stairs to Chemistry, where the definition is on the windows.

We went on site to measure all possible vinyl areas, designed each piece to be signed off by the client, and also applied them to the walls. Great work from the team, and hopefully a fantastic learning resource for existing and future students of Kenton School.

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