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Pumpkin Squash

Our new client Pumpkin Squash is part of a unique wave of organic delivery companies dedicated to bringing fresh fruit and veg direct to your doors. For many people in the UK, it is difficult to get to affordable supermarkets, and vegetables are often overpriced, undersized, or both.

Pumpkin Squash sources fruit and veg from local farmers and wholesalers and delivers it free to your front door. We worked with them to produce their print, using only recycled stock. This gives all their print products a natural, earthy feel, which fits with the overall brand image.

Because we are a Certified Carbon Capture Company and Pumpkin Squash is equally as interested in doing all they can to reduce their overall carbon footprint as we are, they are able to use our Carbon Neutral Balanced logo on all the literature we print for them.

The initial print runs were particularly large, meaning we were able to use lithographic presses and vegetable based inks. Vegetable based inks are created using oils found in linseed, soybeans, castor, canola, and other similar crops. Soy tends to be the vegetable of choice as it has a superior ability to carry solid pigments, and is less harmful to the environment.

Tom Frizell-Shackley, Founder of Pumpkin squash said “In creating Pumpkin Squash, I wanted to build the type of business I could be proud working for. Key to this was designing systems and processes that would be kind on the environment and minimise our impact on the world.

Sustainability and reducing waste are really important to me and Northern Print Solutions have been a great business to partner with on this. I was always very clear that I wanted to produce all of my marketing materials on recycled paper, but NPS were able to take this further by printing with vegetable-based inks which are kinder to the environment, while off-setting the carbon emitted during production with a tree planting scheme.

With all the benefits of printing in this way, it was a very welcome surprise to see how competitive NPS’ prices were – coming in at the same level, if not below other quotes I received. Coupled with the fact that they are a local business, located less than a mile from our offices, it was an easy decision to work with the team.”

"The actual print process was quick and painless. They produced different proofs for me to select from and offered sensible advice to help me get the most from the print job. Both the designer and myself were thrilled with the end results which far exceeded our expectations.

It has been great to find a reliable local business who I can turn to as I grow my own company, whose values are very much in line with my own.“

Tom Frizell-Shackley Founder

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