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At Northern Print Solutions, we offer the complete custom packaging experience to ensure your products are always delivered looking their best. Work with us to design a bespoke packaging solution that offers high-quality and a quick turnaround, at an affordable cost.

Our digital printing capabilities mean we can personalise each item. If you’re interested in personalising packaging for each individual, we can alter text, images, and colourways to make their experience as your customer even more unique.

We can also increase the functionality of your bespoke packaging by printing security features like codes and unique product identification numbers – this offers a great opportunity to ensure consistent supply chain management, as well as ensures brand integrity as the item makes its journey to the customer.

At Northern Print Solutions, we’ve invested heavily in more advanced digital printing presses that allow us to produce shorter runs of bespoke packaging at a lower cost. This is ideal for testing prototypes, especially those involving more complex prepress and postpress considerations.

We’ll work with you to design, develop, and test your bespoke packaging; ensuring that the most efficient processes are being used at every step of the way. Plus, our digital printing presses are now capable of adding CMYK and UV spot colour inks onto your custom packaging, broadening your style options to include metallic and neon finishes.

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