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Direct mail fulfilment being packed at Northern Print Solutions
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At Northern Print Solutions we have new, revolutionary technology that can help you achieve your direct mail fulfilment needs. We also provide the ability for the receiver to scan the mail with their device giving full analytics for you to review and monitor.

We firmly believe that print is still the most effective form of communication. Having the ability to deliver your message quickly and directly into your audience’s hands should never be underestimated. Our direct mail service allows you to do just that. We can take your mailing list and then print, enclose, fulfil and send your mail without you ever needing to get involved. Ultimately saving you time, resource and cost.

Equally our mail merge service, which can be provided by our in-house design team, allows you to give your message more of a personal touch. Mail merge allows us to correspond sections of your design with fields in your mailing list. This means you have the flexibility to personalise everything from names to locations with ease.

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