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At Northern Print Solutions we firmly believe that direct mail is one of the most effective and efficient forms of directly communicating with customers. Can your business afford to ignore it?

With over 65% of addressed mail being opened and read on average 4.2 times (Source: JICMAIL, 2018 industry report), it is no surprise that more and more businesses are using direct mail to connect with their customers.  Simple to execute, personal yet professional, quick and cost effective, it provides you with the perfect way to help ensure your customer sees your message by delivering it straight into their hands.  Read here for more …

We offer a range of direct mail solutions to meet your needs.  We can take your mailing list, then personalise your print, enclose, fulfil and send your mail without you ever needing to get involved, offering you complete direct mail fulfilment and ultimately saving you time, resource and cost.

Our services include:

Design:  Create a design that grabs attention. Our experienced customer service team can advise you on the best design for your campaign and help your communications stand out.

Mail Merge:  Add a personal touch to your mail.  Our software allows us to correspond sections of your mail design to customer information taken from your database so that your message is personal every time.

Print:  Why would you print it elsewhere?  We pride ourselves on our high quality print and service and can provide you with your print quickly and at the right price. We even carbon offset your print for free!

Mail Matching: Avoid embarrassment and ensure your  mail and its packaging correspond.  We match each piece of printed material so that all elements of your direct mail campaign align.

Mailing:  Get it delivered quickly. We work with several delivery partners to make sure your mail gets to your customers on time and in perfect condition.  We can even provide mail tracking facilities if required.

If you want help delivering your message today, please get in touch by filling out the contact form opposite or call us on 0191 411 1698, we would be only too happy to help! 


What is direct mail fulfilment?

Direct mail fulfiment is a process which prepares, and converts printed material into ready to mail items. The printed material can come in all shapes and sizes, from postcards to brochures, catalogues and letters. It can even sometimes contain small promotional gifts too.

What is mail merge?

A mail merge service provides an effective way to send out personalised direct mail to your customer base. Specialist data processing software extracts the personal customer data you wish to utilize in your direct mail campaign. It then formats that information in order to create personalised printed materials. Printed material can include letters, envelopes, booklets, brochures and labels.

What is mail matching?

Depending on your requirements, mail matching is either a manual or machine process that scans personalised content of a number or printed materials. For example a simple mail match may involve the collation of an addressed envelope with a personalised brochure ready for delivery.

What is the mailing time difference between first class and second class?

You can expect first class post to be delivered the next day, whilst 2nd class post will be delivered between 2-3 days.

In direct mail fulfilment, does my mail get sent for me?

Delivery partners are used to deliver mail on your behalf. Some of these partners offer the facility to track delivery of your items. If you have a PPI (Printed Postage Impression) license and design by Royal Mail this can be utilized within your direct mail fulfillment and printed on envelopes or labels for delivery. Alternatively, the order can be printed and delivered to your office ready for franking.

How do I transfer my mailing list?

Mailing lists can be emailed but they need to be password protected. It is important that the password used for protection is sent in a separate email.

What is the minimum and maximum sized database you can work with on Direct Mail Fulfillment?

For short to medium campaigns, our company can process deliveries of 1 to 10,000 items of mail at a time.

What is the maximum number of pieces you will mail match for?

We have experience in mail matching a wide range of direct mail campaigns. Some have involved matching only two documents, for example an envelope and letter, whilst other direct mail campaigns have involved matching up to 25 individual documents at a time.

Does my direct mail fulfilment provider need to be GDPR compliant?

The privacy of staff, suppliers and customers must be protected and respected at all times. In direct mail fulfillment customer data is processed according to documented instructions. The processing of any personal data is secure and only used for the stated purpose and handled in accordance with GDPR.

How much does direct mail fulfillment cost?

The cost of your direct mail campaign will depend entirely on the size of your customer/prospect database and what exactly you require from your printed materials. Prices per delivered unit can range from 30p upwards.

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