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At Northern Print Solutions we know that direct mail is a great way to reach your customers at their front door, desk or mailbox.

We believe that when you need to say something important, it’s often best to be direct. Direct mail allows you to say exactly what you need to and get straight to your client where they make decisions. With an amazing range of formats and finishes to choose from and a limitless amount of creativity to plug into, we can help you get your message across in the most direct of manners.

Afterall, It’s hard to ignore direct mail if it’s done right and the numbers really do add up. With over 70% of addressed mail being opened and read on average 4.2 times*, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are using direct mail to connect to their audience. So if you have a list you’d like us to merge, match or mail then let us know. There’s really nothing like being direct.

*Market Reach 2020

What items does direct Mail services include?

Design & Print

Mail Merge

Mail Matching

Mailing Out

Mail Fulfillment

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