Make itspecial

At Northern Print Solutions, we understand that everyone likes to feel a little special from time to time and your print project is no different.

Why not blow the socks off the competition with a foiled business card or two, a spot varnished brochure or even a die-cut presentation folder to die for. You’ll be amazed by the effects that can be produced and the way it affects your clients hearts and minds. So take the complexity out of the duplex and completely emboss your print with a finish that screams special.

  • Die Cutting

Die cutting creates unique shapes out of a range of printed materials such as direct mail, leaflets, brochures, flyers and posters as well as POS, that truly sets brands apart from the pack.

  • Embossing and Debossing

Stand out or set yourself apart with embossed or debossed specialist finishes. These little touches of detail have an immediate effect on your branded print creating a tactile element to enhance the users experience and recall of your brand. Raised up (emboss) are areas of print such as a logo or compressed an areas of print, perhaps a design asset, help to create a work of art out of your creative.

  • Duplex and Triplex: Duplex and Triplex

Duplex is the art of bonding two sheets of paper or board together to create a high-quality finish. Triplex is the process of bonding three sheets together.

Both techniques create a premium single sheet, with a sandwich effect of colour to the card.

The sheet can then be printed into small format (mostly business card format) and designs are further enhanced with foiling and embossing.

Have your artwork ready? Know the colour scheme you want? Visit our online shop to order your Duplex and Triplex business cards now!

  • Foiling

Embellish your luxury print and create masterpieces with the beautiful and traditional technique of foil block printing.  Using a metal die to transfer metal foil or specialist colour to your print, this method really catches the discerning eye by picking out patterns, logos, little details or keyword with key flashes of colour or metal, along with adding a tactile indent into the print.

Alternatively, for smaller print runs and orders use digital foiling. This creates a flatter look, without the added texture or debossing that foil block printing creates.  It’s a perfect compromise for those wanting a little luxury without the cost.

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