make yourmark

We love to make a right ink at Northern Print Solutions.

Choosing the correct colour is the least of your worries with our range of super creative ink solutions. Make it clear, ultraviolet, or just glow with it by using a touch of neon. We love to mix the perfect colour combination, get the opacity just right and make it all shine to make your project really pop.

  • Clear Ink

The gloss effect of clear ink delivers a premium look to your print by either applying it to specific areas of the design or by evenly applying it to generate a high-end feel.

  • UVA

UVA printing using invisible red toner can bring a touch of magic or affordable added security to your events tickets, coupons, raffle tickets etc. Used in conjunction with a UB light quickly helps to verify documents are original and acceptable.

  • Neon Inks & Toners

Neon Pink and Neon Yellow help brands cut through the clutter in the market place. Enhancing a colour gamut along with images, neon inks and toners can be applied as a solid, highlight or graphic colour and open the doors for greater creativity.

  • White Toner

The ability to print White Toner on clear, coloured and metallic media creates a dramatic overall effect and enhances the purity of individual images for clear stand out.

  • CMYK

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black) are the four colours used in print, and when combined on paper make up an image or text. Key provides the depth and shading of the image, whilst the others create a full colour gamut depending on how they are mixed.

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