A Guide to Standard Roller Banners and Premium Roller Banners

Here at Northern Print Solutions, our standard and premium roller banners really do “stand out” in a crowded room. Bold, attention-grabbing, self-supporting and highly portable, our banners provide you with a flexible, temporary display. They are essential marketing kit for any business. Not only are roller banners great for events, but they are fab for creating a professional back drop to online calls from the home office or for letting your customers know you are still open for essential business and delivering!

We often get asked what the difference is between our standard and premium roller banner options. Our guide gives you the low down to help you decide which is right for you.

What is the specification for our standard and premium roller banners?

We don’t “do average” and strive to provide the best products available at great value prices.  That is why we offer the following gold standard features on our ALL our banners;

  • A great choice of widths: Standing proudly at 2 meters tall, our banners come in a choice of 3 widths. Our 80cm and 85cm wide banners are ideal for use in areas where space is tight while our wider 1000cm banner maximises your brand’s visibility.
  • A superior print on the highest quality material: We print on specialist material that has been tried and tested for durability and has an anti-slip coating. It’s perfect for producing a vibrant,  colourful eye-catching design,  blocking out light reflection and reducing glare and it is tear-resistant too.
  • A reliable banner fixture: We only use a snap rail fixture to secure the banner to its    It is robust and doesn’t rely upon self-adhesive glue that often loses its stickiness over time.

A premium carry case. With added padding to protect the banner, all our cases come with a comfortable handle for easy carrying.

So, what ARE the differences between our standard roller banner and premium option?

Both of our roller banner options offer many of the same great features, and you may be wondering what really is the difference between the two?   Well, it’s all about the base!

The standard roller banner base:

Our standard roller banner comes with a lightweight, aluminium base with black side panels and stabilising swing out feet. It’s great for occasional use and a superb option if you are looking for:

  • An easy to carry portable display.
  • A more affordable roller banner solution.

The premium roller banner base:

Our premium roller banner base is both stylish and long-lasting. It’s self-stabilising and thus doesn’t require swing out feet that can sometimes get in your way.  More contemporary and sleek in design than our standard option, it is finished in chrome with side panels on the base to match.  This premium option is a strong contender for your marketing if you are looking for a banner that is :

  • Representative of a modern or luxury brand and service.
  • Robust and can stand up to regular and long term use on the marketing circuit.
  • Less of a trip hazard when in a confined space due to the absence of swing-out feet.

Can you use our standard and premium roller banners for outdoor display too?

We often get asked whether our roller banners are suitable for outside display.  Whilst our premium roller banner is more versatile because of its sturdy base, we are happy to say that both our options are suitable for outdoor use.  The only exception being, however, days when the wind requires everything and everyone outside to “batten down the hatches”!

What do our customers say?

“We have used Northern Print Solutions over the years for most of our print. We highly recommend their premium roller banners to customers who regularly market at events and require longer-term reliability for their stand displays. The print is always clear, sharp and of the highest quality, whilst the overall premium banner structure itself is sleek, extremely robust, and quick to assemble. It provides exceptional value”.

– Marc Gorden, Fresh Style Events.

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