What is Point of Sale printing

Retail is a highly competitive environment, and shop owners now more than ever are understanding the need to make sure their products stand out from the crowd. Point of sale printing covers the area of print concerned with everything the customer sees at the ‘point of sale’, like signage and banners.

Point of sale printing (also known as POS printing) involves the design, mockup, and eventual printing of products like hanging signs, floor graphics, window graphics, and even disposable dispensers.

A good POS printing company will be able to provide all of the above and more, as well as offer you a range of materials onto which your designs will be printed. Popular materials include wood, fluted cardboard, and even metal.

In this article, we look at different types of POS printing and how they’re designed, manufactured, and used in retail.

Counter Display Units

Counter Display Units are placed cleverly at the point of sale in order to increase impulse sales, as well as give products more visibility. Counter display units are a great way of displaying seasonal, free trial, and promotional products. They differentiate brands from the competition by making them look more desirable.

Counter display units can be made from solid board, folding carton, or cardboard. This makes them cost-effective and versatile, as they’re light enough to be folded away, yet structurally sound enough to support multiple products at once. Additionally, this point of sale product can be recycled after use, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

FSDUs (Free-standing display units)

Just like counter display units, FSDUs are standalone off-shelf displays designed to maximise product visibility and brand impact at the point of sale. They’re highly customisable, making for unique and interesting displays planted at the point of sale in order to differentiate brands against others.

They are typically designed bespoke to meet your individual requirements and can be constructed from recyclable, foldable material such as corrugated cardboard. Depending on your preference, they’re able to be supplied pre-assembled, or flatpack.


Standees are point of sale products usually found in cinemas and shop entrances to promote events, products, or movies. They’re made of cardboard, typically printed semi-gloss, and can be as simple as a self-standing poster or as complicated as a 3D moving device

Hanging Displays

Hanging displays are another popular point of sale product. They can be hung from ceilings in shops and at events to effectively communicate brand identity across the entire building. They draw the customer’s eye upwards, encouraging them to remember your brand above others they may have seen.

They’re traditionally made from corrugated cardboard (or solid board) and are lightweight to avoid involuntary falls. They’re also recyclable, making them a greener choice.

Shelf and Floor Graphics

For larger stores or events where floor decor is no issue, shelf and floor graphics can be a very effective way to market your brand and solidify its positioning.

Floor graphics are usually printed with UV stable inks – this makes them a bright and fade resistant point of sale product.

Other POS products

Other Point of Sale printing services may include

  • Point of Purchase (POP)
  • Gift Packaging
  • In-store theatres
  • Totem Displays
  • Cluster Pack Sleeves
  • Multi Pack Systems
  • Dump Bins
  • Window Manifestations
  • Roller Banners

Depending on your needs, you may need a bespoke point of sale printing product. Talk to your print company about the bespoke options they offer in order to further personalise customer experience in your shop.

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