Never Tear – A Paper Revolution?

This month we’re going to take a closer look at an incredible product that we have to offer, and one that we think not many people know a whole lot about – Xerox’s Never Tear Paper.

It’s not often that a product as ubiquitous as paper sees such re-design and innovation that it changes the majority of it’s recognisable properties, but when Xerox launched ‘Never Tear’ in 2006 it did just that. Boasting characteristics as counter-intuitive as ‘tear-proof’ and ‘waterproof’, it really has to be seen (and used) to be believed. (In fact, as can probably be expected when such claims are made, the samples have proven to be very entertaining in the office during ‘testing’ – we’ll leave that to your collective imagination.)

In a practical sense, what the product offers is durable, practically imperishable, paper products. So for long-term items for every day businesses, such as training manuals, ID cards and guidebooks, your money is impeccably well spent. Things that would have previously required yearly investment, now become items that potentially last a whole lot longer.

In a more focused sense, Never Tear offers many obvious benefits to those working in the hospitality trade. For example, for the restaurant industry we can achieve wipe-clean place-mats and menus in a way that any potential liquid damage to these items can be reduced to almost nothing, whilst remaining lightweight, hard-wearing and easy to store.

In the hotel industry, everything from ‘do not disturb’ notices to room service menus, and all of the other small print pieces that used to need replacing during every room re-fresh, now becomes longer-lasting durable items – which, as a result, could possibly save you a fortune.

On top of all of it’s practicality, Never-Tear also has a wonderfully lavish feel, so it can also be utilised for high end brochures that may not have the luxury of spending their lives in a comfy showroom. We’re thinking things like pre-build sales brochures for luxury apartments etc.

Now, unfortunately for us in the print trade, such great paper comes with great responsibility. Meaning that it’s immense durability does come with the unfortunate side effect that it is not the easiest stock to print on. But, not to worry, we at NPS have worked very hard to develop methods that achieve unbelievable results that we are very proud of and in fact, are just as good as anything that can be achieved on ‘run of the mill’ paper.

We are so proud in fact that we would go as far to claim that we achieve some of the best print results on the Never Tear paper stock that can be achieved in the entire region.

So, in summary, Never Tear is an incredibly exciting product and the uses for this paper are as far reaching as the world is wide, so we’d love for you to challenge us to see what we can create. So please get in touch and let us see how you can implement Never Tear and change the way your business utilises printed products.

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