Add value to your pitch with print

Need to set yourself apart from your competitors in a pitch scenario?

Pitches can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re facing a particularly intimidating client, or trying to win someone over from a competitor.

It can sometimes feel like you’re struggling to stand out, even if you manage to impress them with great slides, fantastic content, and comprehensive analysis.

To set yourself apart from the crowd and add value to your pitch, invest in printed materials. It gives visitors something to take away with them and makes sure everyone leaves with the information they need – after all, not everyone takes good notes.

Use booklets to tell your story

With printed booklets, you can make use of significant physical real estate and include details like company history and team members that would otherwise be missed off a slide.

You may also wish to include case studies, details of research or analysis, or even testimonials – these are all great ways to instill confidence in your potential client and showcase exactly what it is your business is capable of.

Use folded leaflets to summarise your pitch

Don’t let your opportunities sit on the table whilst your prospective client walks out of the door!

Folded leaflets printed with the main points of your pitch are a fantastic way to give attendees points to reference once they leave your office.

Use business cards to maintain a lasting impression

This goes without saying, but you should always bring business cards to a presentation or proposal meeting. They, just like flyers, act as a great piece of takeaway marketing that will continue to represent you and your brand long after the recipient has left your office.

Have you ever handed your business card over to someone and had them try to get a feel for which level of cardstock you’re using? It’s a well-known fact that the quality of your business card should be at least above 400gsm, especially if you work in creative circles.

Go the extra mile and add an unreal finish like foil or spot UV. You could even duplex or triplex your cards – this involves gluing two or three sheets of card together for a classier impression.

Use presentation folders to keep everything together

Don’t leave your visitors scrambling to keep all of the above print in a messy pile on the table – it’s distracting, can be confusing, and may be particularly irritating if you’re handing out a lot of paper.

Professionally designed and printed presentation folders offer order and give an air of professionalism to your meetings. Clients will be able to walk away with all your flyers, research, and booklets easily contained within a smart, branded folder.

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