How to upsell print as a reseller

Two ways marketers can earn more revenue: Cross-selling & up-selling.

In marketing, there are two ways to make a customer spend more at the point of purchase – cross-selling, and upselling. Cross-selling is when you suggest complementary products to go along with the one the customer is already going to buy – think about going into a shop, buying a t-shirt, and having a sales rep convince you to buy a shirt to go over the top of it.

Upselling, on the other hand, is when you convince a customer to go with a more expensive version, upgrade, or larger package of product than the one they were originally going to buy.

This is like adding a pair of earphones to an e-commerce basket and being persuaded to buy a more expensive deluxe pair thanks to a prompt with a testimonial attached.

When you’re upselling print, you need to completely understand where your customer is coming from, what their limitations are (especially cost-wise), and make sure you don’t come across as unnecessarily pushy.

Look at how you can upsell the brief

When you receive the client’s brief, start thinking about how you could upsell their original request. Maybe they’re looking for a few roll up banners – ask them what for. If it’s for a trade event or showcase, consider upselling postcards, leaflets, brochures, and business cards.

If it’s a more permanent display feature (such as for the inside of an office, or in a foyer) then look at more internal print options. They might be in need of new notebooks for the office, NCR pads, or even branded folders so when clients come in, they’re prepared and organised.

Once the quote is confirmed, upsell more!

As a Northern Print customer, you order and we deliver. However, as a reseller yourself, you should always take the opportunity to offer your clients a greater print service.

For example, you may have a startup client who has ordered their first set of professional business cards. You may be able to upsell this order by offering them a branded stationery starter pack at a reduced price – they get a bargain, and you get a better sale.

Remember to include marketing materials in outgoing orders

Invest in the power of print to ensure customer retention and loyalty by tucking flyers, brochures, or leaflets into each order you send out.

Not only is this a chance to personalise your interactions with your customers, but it also gives you the opportunity to upsell future services and offers directly.

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We work with you to ensure you’re always capable of upselling a product or service to your customers – this keeps us both happy! Get in touch today to discuss a client brief or project, and we’ll be able to advise you on what exactly you can add to your proposal.

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