How to get the most out of your bespoke packaging

At Northern Print Solutions, we’re a pretty creative bunch, and we’re lucky to have some really creative clients. Over the years, we’ve been able to work on some fantastic packaging projects that have really challenged us and pushed the boundaries of our bespoke packaging offering.

We really think that to get the most out of your bespoke packaging project, you need to come to us ready to experiment. Our presses are optimised for short runs, so if you’re looking at taking a few prototypes back to a stakeholders meeting, we’ve got you covered.

Once the packaging design is finalised, we still think there are a few ways you can optimise the overall experience for your customers. Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your bespoke packaging…

Get sticky!
Packaging is a fantastic way to start integrating your online and offline marketing efforts. Chances are, whatever is inside is going to a paying customer, so you already have their interest. Maybe they’re subscribed to your mailing list, or they follow your brand’s Instagram feed.

Give customers who purchase from you something special in the form of a sticker. You heard it right! A sticker is a fantastic opportunity to quickly personalise each order, whether you want to add a QR code that links to a one-time offer, or a set of social media credentials to encourage less internet-savvy customers to engage with you across as many channels as possible.

Stickers can also be used in a far simpler manner. If you’re choosing to go with plain, easily produced packaging, you can diversify the customer experience by using a range of stickers to brand each box.

And, if you choose Northern Print Solutions to fulfil and deliver your packaging, you can ensure that each piece is completed to the highest possible standard, and handled with the utmost care.

Make it personal…
As we mentioned above, your customers might already follow you on social media and interact with you online. When they purchase something from you, your packaging may be the first physical interaction that they have with your brand.

This is your chance to add a personal touch, which research shows that consumers really appreciate! Of course, whether your idea of a personal touch is scalable or not will depend on the size of your company and any subsequent growth – handwritten notes are popular for small shops but can be difficult to manage once a company begins to pull in a higher volume of orders.

We’re always on hand to discuss your ideas. Maybe you want to scan in your handwriting to give the impression of a handwritten signature on your packaging labels – we can use the variability of digital print to diversify what is printed so that each customer experiences something truly unique. It’s really up to you!

Make it a package deal!
Including a well-designed print product like a postcard or leaflet is another fantastic way to add value to your bespoke packaging and further engage your customers. Like the sticker, they can be used to notify the customer of an upcoming event, sale, or exclusive offer.

This is also a fantastic opportunity to ask your customers for feedback. Slipping a feedback form into the packaging will encourage customers to leave feedback on the item they’ve purchased, especially if you decide to incorporate something like a QR code link that will allow them to leave a review online.

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