What are the benefits of large format print?

At Northern Print Solutions, we’re big fans of large format print. So much so, that we recently invested in some brilliant large-format presses, so you can get your print made bigger (and better) than ever before. Not only are they faster, but they’re more efficient, meaning our turnaround times are shorter… which in turn makes you happier!

There’re more to large format than just the size.  In this blog, we take you through our top benefits of large format print.

Large format print is fast!
Your desktop printer might be relatively quick, but it can’t compare to the speed of an industrial large format printing press. A large format press is designed to work quickly and efficiently even when printing wider items like banners and posters.

Don’t fiddle with feeding multiple sheets of paper into your Epsom, hoping that when you tape them together they form the image you’re trying to display. Use our large format printing service instead.

Large format print offers high quality on larger prints
There’s a common misconception that printing something bigger reduces its quality. With large format printing, this isn’t the case.

These presses are designed to handle higher quality, larger images, meaning that regardless of whether you choose digital or litho – your print is going to come out looking sharp as anything so long as your artwork is set to 300dpi and ideally logos are vector.

Large format print replicates colours accurately
Again, we’re here to dispel the myth that printing using a large format digital press means the colours in your images aren’t going to be reproduced accurately.

Most companies stick with digital large format print as their cornerstone offering, and it makes sense – digital print is quick; tends to be more affordable for you, the customer; and can easily reproduce CMYK colours with accuracy that is constantly improving in line with technology.

We also offer large format lithographic printing, which has a longer turnaround because it involves more pre-press setup. Lithographic printing is extremely high quality and uses pre-mixed inks applied to print plates to achieve accurate reproduction of your chosen image.

For those larger prints that you want to last a while, large format lithographic printing can really add value to your product.

Large format print supports a range of substrates
Substrates – the ‘base material’ that you print on – vary greatly. One project might involve a simple cardstock, whilst another might benefit from aluminium sheeting. The fantastic thing about large format presses is their ability to print on more unusual substrates, thus broadening the choices you can make in the design phase of your print project.

Whether you’re looking to print signage, wallpaper, or just a simple outdoor poster – a large format printing press will be able to deliver fantastic results.

Has our large format piqued your pr-interest?
We offer a range of large format products such as A1 posters, outdoor banners, roller banners and signage in our online shop.  However, at Northern Print Solutions, we’re dedicated to thinking outside of the box. So, if you’ve got something bespoke that you think our large format presses could handle… get in touch with an expert member of our team today.

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