Why choose poster printing?

Posters have been a part of everyday life ever since the printing industry worked out how to mass-produce coloured prints on an industrial scale. The mid-19th century saw massive advancements in printing technology, meaning that poster printing became more widely used for everything from promotion, advertising, and art.

With the advent of digital marketing and advertising, some say that printed marketing is becoming obsolete. And yet, the print industry is still going strong. In this article, NPS looks at the reasons why you might choose poster printing.

Targeted advertising

Posters come in many different sizes, meaning they can be placed in multiple different locations. Poster printing lets you target a message specifically to the people who will walk past and see it.

Whether you’re putting your posters in a shop window or tacking them to lampposts – poster printing is a great targeted advertising tool that will ensure your message is heard by the highest number of people possible.


Compared to other types of printed marketing materials, poster printing is relatively affordable – and always cost-effective. Consider the cost-per-impression of an online ad – most impressions are made on people already searching for relevant keywords.

With poster printing, each poster occupies a physical location, meaning it can be seen by not only your target audience but also other people walking by. This is because people don’t choose to look at poster advertising – it’s there, it’s in their face, and they’ll read it without even noticing they are!

Posters can be many sizes, styles, and finishes – NPS offer poster printing on digital and lithographic presses, so you get the best poster printing experience tailored to your brief.

They work!

Over 50% of millennials (those aged 22-38) pay attention to print ads. And, a recent survey by Outdoor Media Centre found that 92% of shoppers said they’d seen outdoor poster advertising in the 30 minutes before they purchased something, with 82% saying they’d impulse purchased on that same day.

Think about it – how many times have you seen a “SALE” poster in a shop window and felt tempted to pop in for a look? Choosing poster printing over banner printing or flyer printing means you can place your core message at eye level in a place where it’s guaranteed to make an impact.


Poster printing doesn’t have to be bland. Posters are amazingly versatile and offer loads of benefits, including:

  • A huge range of eye-catching sizes
  • Amazing colour combinations
  • Bold, outspoken fonts
  • Long-lasting finishes

Poster Printing from Northern Print Solutions

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